Conspiracy and Process: Acts Poem 25

Herod Agrippa II.jpg
Herod Agrippa – Public Domain

Rome’s new man to Judea came

And the Council, Paul’s life sought to end

A petition they to the governor made

A favour they asked, for Paul to Jerusalem send

For an ambush had been arranged

To carry out the murderous deed

But the official, judicious was

And to them he did say

“You come with me to Caesarea,

And we will examine the things you claim you made.”

And there with Paul he found no fault,

But a second opinion Festus did seek

So Paul before Agrippa appeared

And he too, saw the charges were weak

But since an appeal to Caesar had been made

The law on the topic was clear

Paul to Rome must next journey

And before the Emperor appear


Acts Poem 25 from Acts 25.

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