Red Hair Girl

Person, Human, Girl, Red Head, Smile

Most of kids just referred to her as red hair girl. She was a bit of loner, and her accent and striking locks didn’t help the impression of her otherness. Her real name was Ingrid, and her mother had come to the city on a one year exchange at the university.

Ingrid knew nothing about softball, and she even seemed a little unsure of the “rules” for playing tag. It wasn’t until the second semester that the red headed girl became the “red headed wonder.” Miss Murphy had taken the class out for their physical education lesson, and as was the usual practice, Ingrid was the last one picked when they were making teams.

Mandy Jeffreys, the “captain,” told Ingrid to stay in defence near the goal, where she “wouldn’t cause any trouble.” Then it happened, the ball came towards Ingrid, and everyone on her team shouted at her to “just kick it.” That seemed a silly instruction to Ingrid so she took control of the ball and out-manoeuvring three opponents she raced the length of the field to shoot to the far corner of the net, catching the goalie totally off guard.

It seems they play soccer in Ingrid’s native Germany.



Tale Weaver – #316 – 25 February – The Red Hair Girl

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