Before the Harvest: An Idyll

Agriculture, Barley, Cereal, Clouds

I journey out among the fields

To where the barley saffron-gold does grow

And place a battered cap upon the head

Of Howard, the old straw scarecrow

I gaze upon the meadow verge

Dotted with poppies and forget-me-nots

And remember back to the Spring

When all was the fresh green of a sprig of mint

And I ponder the the toil of the ploughing past

With the both man and horses lathered

In the sea foam of their sweat

Labour again shall soon return to this field serene

For harvest shall soon be at hand

As seasons turn

And the moon walks through her phases

Against heaven’s sable screen


Idyll Paint Chip Poetry Prompt:

“The paint chip words and phrases you have to work with are sprig of mintmoon walkwaterfallscarecrowsea foam, saffron, and forget-me-not. . . use at least five of these words and phrases in your idyll.”

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