Cactus, Sombrero, Mexican, Green, Hat, Spiny, Mexico

Some say it’s kitsch,

A sign of bad taste.

For others it’s just a bit of fun.

Are sombrero wearing cactuses tacky,

Or some form of visual pun?

Macramé hangers in every room,

Or racks of commemorative spoons –

Items of sentiment with emotional ties

Or something worthy of the loo?

What’s art to me

May not be for you,

To each beholder their own taste –

Even wastes of space


Weekend Writing Prompt #198 – Kitsch in 69 words.

5 thoughts on “Kitsch

  1. So true, to each beholder their own taste. Thanks for posting.

    Just a manuscript, yet its a waste
    Who is this cleaning, where is the bank?
    Who ate chfarmers and what’s their rank?
    I quickly jotted down these rhymes, and to me it’s a quest…

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