The Evasion

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“Keep smiling and and don’t look toward the mirror,” Holly whispered.

Damion let out a laugh that didn’t come across as forced, and then took a swig of his coffee. He then leaned into her and whispered, “Are you sure the mirror is where we are being watched from?”

She threw her arms around his neck and whispered, “I thought it was the light bulb, but I just got the slightest glimpse of a red light in the upper left corner of the glass just when it meets the frame.”

“What do you think we should do?” Damion queried.

“Follow my lead,” Holly replied. She then reached out and pulled Damion’s shirt over his head before kissing him in the centre of his chest. She then tossed the shirt expertly over the mirror and whispered, “Now.” The couple then made their break for it grabbing Damion’s shoes and their “whistle-blowing” files as they rushed out of the apartment door.

“We need to find somewhere safer,” Holly said, as they ran down the back stairs to the alley. “And, I think we need to go to the newspaper with this sooner than later.”


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #108

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