Paige Turner

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Paige Roper had spent much of her childhood being teased ever since that incident in fourth grade when she got her reading book stuck in her cluttered desk and the cover tore as she tried to get it out. “Page Ripper” the children had called her, and anytime she handled a book thereafter there was sure to be someone who would shout out “Don’t tear it,” or “Look out book, run!”

The problem was that Paige loved to read. Yet, because of the taunts she never did so in public. To her teachers’ surprise however she was a model student, and in fact remained ahead of her classmates. That was because from the time she got home until well after bedtime she read.

It was as she began her time at university that a marvellous pair of circumstances changed her lot. The first was that her roommate Sandra Turner didn’t know the cruel nickname. The second was that Sandra had a rather cute twin brother who was also a voracious reader as well.

Paige and Tom hit it off from the first, and soon they read together and had long deep literary conversations. The pair of bookworms fell deeply in love, and soon after graduation they married and opened a bookstore under her new name – Paige Turner’s.


Tale Weaver – #318 – Bookworm

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