Turning The Tables

woman in yellow long sleeve shirt sitting on bed
Bruce Mars at Unsplash

Ellie had been sent to her room to finish her homework.

“And don’t let me catch you messing about,” Mum had said.

Well getting caught playing about, well playing, was the last thing Ellie intended on doing.

As she made her way upstairs, she made a pitstop in her little brother’s room and took the “nanny cam” bear and placed it strategically in the hallway overlooking the stairs. She then proceeded to split her screen between her game and the cam image and set about trying to better her top score. If Mum started up the stairs, all would be books and spelling words in Ellie’s room.

When will grown-ups ever ‘do their homework’ about kids and technology? she mused as she hit the 40th level.


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