Delivery (2)

Hallway, Indoors, Angles

The corridors looked the same and the fact that the doors bore the names of the occupants rather than numbers didn’t help matters. Leon was fairly certain that he was on the seventeenth floor, though the ramp between eight and nine seemed a bit longer than he had expected. Might this therefore be the eighteenth? All he knew for sure was that the walls were blue and the floor tiles cream, unlike the adjoining hallway which was beige and green. How did he get himself into this? Surely he should but his losses and try to work his way back to the entrance. Mr K. Smith, Floor Seventeen – Orange was just going to have to go without his pizza. After all, was going to have to pay for it out of his own pocket anyway, it being at least fifteen minutes late. Hopefully Smith of 17- Orange didn’t order anchovies. Leon hated anchovies.


Sunday Writing Prompt – Lost

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