Casino Weekend: The Shark

Playing Poker, Beautiful Lady, Poker, Sexy Lady

The casual gambler’s nemesis –

Naïve is her projected view

As she folds one hand, and then two

That “butter wouldn’t melt,” it is true

As her chill cold heart prepares for you

Calm and collected she’ll draws you in

And when you’ve wagered all –

Then she’ll win

That innocent demeanour

Is a costume she wears

Just to disarm you

Before she robs you unawares


FOWC with Fandango — Nemesis

Casino Weekend: The Gold Digger

Casino Weekend: The High-roller

Casino Weekend: The High-roller

Man, Money, Tablet, Bet, Success, Win

Happy go lucky with money to burn

There for the party

Winning or losing – he has no concern

His tech company’s profits are through the roof

He is rolling in cash and that’s the truth

A little black jack, then off to the wheel

He likes the attention

That’s his real deal


Casino Weekend: The Gold Digger

Casino Weekend: The Shark


Casino Weekend: The Gold Digger

Cards, Poker, Casino, Girl, Game, Play

Her luggage was capacious


Much too big

For a bikini, change of knickers, and a flowing wig

But in the casino she hoped to pull

Some high-roller that struck it big

So in that little black dress

Done up nice and tight

She headed for roulette table to blow on some dice

If lady fortune smiled – and she acted just right

She would land her meal ticket by the end of the night


Casino Weekend: The Shark

Casino Weekend: The High-roller

Tough Room

Costume, Middle Ages, Musician, Minstrel, Panel, Human

The Jester gestured with a move obcene

It was a thing unseemly to do before the queen

Before he knew it he was to the dungeon sent

Soon of his rudeness he would repent

For though his gesture brought smiles to some

It resulted in him loosing his hands and tongue

So if you a tough room a performance make

Be sure not to repeat that clown’s mistake


Guard Dog

Dave wasn’t sure about using his mum’s pet dog to guard the back garden after a series of shed burglaries, but she insisted that he would do fine. Fine? This pampered pooch who whimpered when he got cold. He let his emotions dictate his life. In fact, if he was insulted about his stumpy legs and flat face, the dog would mope off and not come back out until he was offered a treat and an apology. Yeah, Snowflake was going to be just fine as a guard dog.



FOWC with Fandango — Emotions

Wander Not In The Wood

Brooke Shaden

Do not wander in the wood

For few from there return

The very trees there seem to move

Even when there is no breeze

Let your journey another path take

Let caution your planning seize

Do not wander in the wood

Do not its mysteries learn

And above all – do take care

To avoid the towering trees


Photo Challenge #359