Relative Safety

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“You aren’t going to get away with reporting us. We know where you live and it might not be today, but we will get you,” Miller spat as he was led away.

Dan felt himself hyperventilating. He knew what the gang was capible of. He had witnessed their misdeeds first hand, and that is what had led to this moment. Dan sucked it up and walked slowly away trying not to let the threat repeat in his mind. He knew he was safe for the moment, and that while the perpetrators were in custody, this afternoon, he would be safe. But what about tomorrow?

This weighed on his mind for the entire journey home. Then a plan occured to him. He would alter his leaving time, and leave through the back gate. This would get him onto the street where his sixteen-year old cousin lived and he would then get her and her friend Tony to walk him to school. Sometimes it was tough being eight, but at least he had a relative for protection.


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