The Message

Hans-Dieter Jäger, aka Jon Hunter waited on the embankment across from the Houses of Parliament. He had been operating in London for about a month and his cover as a disabled veteran of the Great War seemed intact, it being true, he having served in the Bavarian Infantry. Though he had lost a leg in that war, he was proud to now once again serve the Fatherland. His English was good, and he had mastered a sound West Country accent. His prosthetic leg also aided in his back story, not to mention its usefulness in concealing messages.

He glanced at his watch and threw a few breadcrumbs onto the coping stones and watched as the gulls and pigeons gathered. It was the perfect way to cover the arrival of the particular pigeon he was expecting.

Sure enough, the bird arrived about ten minutes later. He approached it and removed his instructions from its leg.

He stared in disbelief at the piece of paper which was written in English and merely said “Turn around.” There, Hans-Dieter found himself face to face with a MI5 agent and two policemen.



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