Mildred: Part One

Cheesetown, Dutch, Holland, Fest, History, Medieval

Mildred was a laundress.  She was by all appearances an unremarkable woman, but she had a good heart, and was very good at her job.  Gwendolyn, “The Washer Woman,” relied on her in her absences, and Mildred was often entrusted with the keys to the laundry house and with the day’s receipts.  Though a spinster, Mildred had quite the following of surrogate “nieces and nephews,” for she had the ability to make most anyone feel that she was their favoured aunt.  

It was on account of this latter trait that “Aunt Mildred” was given operational control of Gwendolyn’s High Guild’s Laundry.   Mildred was trusted by everyone, and they readily confided with her.   Gwendolyn, ever the sharp businesswoman, capitalised on this and owing to Mildred’s trusting nature, was able to glean valuable trade intelligence from across the guilds which she used to make several lucrative investments.

What was not widely known was that Mildred was not in the strictest sense “of Capital stock.”  She was 1/8th Fairy on her mother’s side, and this residual enchantment was faint enough not to arouse awareness in magical beings or psychics, but strong enough to allow the instant bond that others felt with her.

There were exceptions of course.  Dennis Dennison’s greed and his partner Helen’s duplicity blinded them to her welcoming spirit, and others of foul heart also from time to time made their way into her precence without being won over by her.  For the most part though, Aunt Mildred was a breath of fresh air to those who met her.












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