The Megamorph

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It is said that the devil took the form of a serpent in the Garden of Eden, and that Lon Chaney was the man with a thousand faces, but both pale in comparison with Angie Ferris. She and she alone is the shape-shifter par excellence. She comes across all unassuming, and soon is ingraciated by whatever community she likes. Then she strikes.

Now, I have made her sound like a con artist or other felon, but the truth is that she is something even more damaging. She is a best friend stealer. That’s right, she will step right into the middle of a flurishing friendship then break it up, only to discard her new “bestie” for greener pastures and new conquests. What makes it worse is that she always leaves a rift of mistrust behind in the original friendship pair.

Angie is indeed a piece of work, and I can only imagine the damage she will leave behind when she gets to “big school” next year. Oh, didn’t I mention that Angie is eleven?


Sunday Writing Prompt – Shape-shifter

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