The Objective

eberhard 🖐 grossgasteiger

“Okay, that’s the objective. There are going to be several high value assets attending the conference there and we need to pull this off without any hiccups,” Baxter explained.

The team looked at the lakeside retreat and nodded.

“Pettersen you will be in first, and be sure you head straight to the head of security. It’s vital for our success for you to get that done,” Baxter emphasised.

Pettersen gave a thumbs-up.

“Twinner, you and Porter will be next in, you need to head to the kitchen area, and prepare to make your entrance to the main dining room at precisely 1300, the delegates will all be in there by then. I will follow. Turner, you will enter from the far side and make sure that you take care of any delegates that haven’t made it to the main room.”

The team nodded.

“I have it as 1237,” Baxter said checking her watch.

The others followed suit and there were several nods and thumbs-up. This would be the biggest operation that Baxter’s Catering had undertaken to date, and there could be no mess ups.


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