Getting Away From It All

House, Field, Rural, Meadow, Landscape, Village

“When I said I wanted to get away from it all for a bit, this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind,” Taylor said.

“Beggers can’t be choosers,” Winnie retorted. “It’s not like we’re made of money. Anyway, it has great views.

“Views of what?” Taylor queried.

“The mountains, the sky, lots of things.”

“Like grass,” he said indignantly. “I was thinking the seaside, or even a city break.”

“City breaks aren’t getting away from things, they are going to things; and the seaside is full of people this time of year. This is much better. Especially since we can be alone together,” Winnie said taking his hand.

“He looked at the vast expanse of plain again, and smiled. Okay, we’ll stay,” he said. “I sure hope it has cable, though.”

I’m glad to see that romance isn’t dead, Winnie mused, as she hid the remote.


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