A labour of love

Bringing forth exquisite tastes and smells

Tomatoes plump and red, the table to grace

As purple lavender perfume the heart does swell

Bees intent of their daily chores

As butterflies flit among the blossoms as well

And I sit upon the bench, and take in my accomplishments sweet

And ignore the few incroaching weeds, and that annoying passing snail


Poetics – Garden(ing)

11 thoughts on “Garden

  1. there comes a time you just have to sit and appreciate the work of your hands…even though it is not finished…it never will be…there will always be more, but you will wear yourself out…and forget why if you dont take time to appreciate…

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  2. Look up your weeds, they may be a blessing in disguise (or at least free food as you rip them up if they’re edible [there’s potential for the snail here too]). Beautiful imagery, and a wonderful capturing of the joys (and frustrations) of a garden.

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