Beyond the Frontier

The well maintained stone road had given way to a gravel way a league before the border post. Once the guard house was passed it became a rutted dirt road, and now it was little more than a trace of a path. They were definitely beyond the frontier now, and the last vestiges of law and order, at least the Kingdom’s law and order would disappear over the next hill. The journey was necessary however, the fate of the Laun people rested on the courier getting the message of alliance to the clans before they took matters into their own hands. Survival was wrapped in their link to the Kingdom, and it was imperative that they understood that.

The problem was that Czar Vlad understood all to well, and agents of the Empire were already on their way to intercept the courier. A game of cat and mouse was about to begin. Was whether Captain Wellon was up to the task of getting the message through. Only time would tell.


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