Oskar and Jan stood where the pathway dead-ended and opened the scroll. Jan began to translate the ancient text aloud:

“Brave Adventurer, 

If you are at this point, it must be the 12th of August.  Leave the woodland and pass through the screen of tall grass and enter the field beyond.  At the centre of the field you will find a standing stone.  At precisely 2PM walk to the end of the stone’s shadow and dig two metres down.  You will find a clay jar which contains a key.  On the opposite side of the field you will find three gates.  Open the lefthand gate with the key and you will find a stone chest.  Open this chest and remove a further key from it.  Return to the stone and at 3:30PM dig at the limit of its shadow.  There you will find a chest, open it with the key and all will be revealed. 

Good luck, Adventurer.”

The pair followed the instructions, and in the chest they found a note:

“Return all to the way you found it, and place your quest scroll under a table at the nearest inn.  Well done brave Adventurer.  You will receive your reward from the barman.”

The pair again followed the instructions, and at the inn they received a voucher for 10% off their next quest.  The fantasy world isn’t what it used to be.


Crimson’s Creative Challenge #144


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