A Theological Reflection

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I am not a complete technophobe. On balance I think fire and that wheel thing have worked out pretty well. What intrgues me, however, are the new technologies and the terms relating to them. Developers and designers of computing and communications, especially, have either used the absolute obvious in assigning terms (screen saver), or have used a slightly convoluted vocabulary. Since when was data personified? Yet we are expected to wait while our files are “populated.”

Some terms, such as “icon,” I find interesting. In religious terminology an icon is a portrait of a saint or angelic figure which imbeds symbols related to the figure such as Peter’s crossed keys. Religious icons often have pronounced eyes and are said to be windows into heaven. Computer icons to are Windows (pun intended) into the inner world of cyberspace.

It was as I was shutting down my computer this morning that I was confronted with a deep theological truth. There on my screen was a solemn warning that what was unsaved might be lost. What more can I say when even my computer sums the world up so succinctly?


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