Life’s Little Rewards

Sebastian Czubachowski at

Danny and Scruff waited patiently with their noses pressed to the panes. They each knew that the highpoint of their daily routine was about to occur.

Any minute now, Scruff though, and he braced himself for the exact moment to get most satisfaction from the experience.

Danny too was sure that it was only a matter of time.

Then, there it was, the red van stopped across the street. The postman stepped from the vehicle and angled to the neighbours’ house.

Our turn next, Scruff mused as the tension grew.

Then it happened!

Danny let out an excited giggle as the mail slot in the front door “pooped” envelopes onto the floor.

At the same instant, Scruff let out his best bark in the certainty that he will have made the letter carrier jump.

Life’s little rewards! They could hardly wait until tomorrow.


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #136

Godly Change

Landscape, Change, Weather, Nature

It’s time to change

Be transformed – reborn

A new creation as fresh of morn

Wear not the garments of the dead

When invited to where the royals are wed*

Be clothed and changed – complete instead

By the transforming power of the wine and bread

For like on that Passover feast

In which they ate bread without any yeast

You too without corruption can be filled

By the lamb roasted – in sacrifice killed

And when trials and troubles come your way

They are to perfect you – so don’t be dismayed

For Job and Peter with trials too did contend

They found greater purpose in the end

And if you think it beyond you – to change your way

Remember the Redeemer for you does pray**


Poem based on the powerful sermon by Pastor Vince this morning.

*Matthew 22

**Luke 22:32

A Theological Reflection

Computer, Desk, Typing, Laptop, Macbook

I am not a complete technophobe. On balance I think fire and that wheel thing have worked out pretty well. What intrgues me, however, are the new technologies and the terms relating to them. Developers and designers of computing and communications, especially, have either used the absolute obvious in assigning terms (screen saver), or have used a slightly convoluted vocabulary. Since when was data personified? Yet we are expected to wait while our files are “populated.”

Some terms, such as “icon,” I find interesting. In religious terminology an icon is a portrait of a saint or angelic figure which imbeds symbols related to the figure such as Peter’s crossed keys. Religious icons often have pronounced eyes and are said to be windows into heaven. Computer icons to are Windows (pun intended) into the inner world of cyberspace.

It was as I was shutting down my computer this morning that I was confronted with a deep theological truth. There on my screen was a solemn warning that what was unsaved might be lost. What more can I say when even my computer sums the world up so succinctly?


Man’s Best Friend

Dog, Animal, Portrait, Cute, Pet

Is he your fur baby from the moment you met,

Or just money-drain at the vet?

A companion loyal for all time,

Or just another ‘kids’ pet’ in a long line?

Company and friend for the downtrodden in need

Or a money making prop for ‘homeless scroungers’ greed?

A partner to share your long daily walks

Or a confidant who listens quietly when you talk?

Is he these things in part,

Or even more?

Whatever the case,

Remember to get Pedigree Chum at the store


When Your Eyes Smile

Girl, Woman, Smile, Smiling, Happy

It doesn’t matter how my day has been

What ups and downs – outs and ins

Hectic, crazy, or even full of pain

Your smiling eyes make me whole again

Little expressions – so love filled

How can I not by them be healed

Your smiling eyes they make me whole

And I will ever your love extol



Office, Space, Desk, Business, Room

uncluttering the mind, just letting it flow

with no true ideas where it might go

no proofreading or edit

no time to spell check

seek perfection you say

but I don’t give a heck

just words on the screen

were ‘ere my fingers might go

it jusst might turn out okay

well you never know


90 second poem (what ever came to the page in less than 2 minutes)