Sheep, Farmer, Shepherd, Agriculture

The Lord is my shepherd

Over my wants and desires He does guide

For all that is necessary – He will abundantly provide

He gives me rests in meadows green

All my burdens there to lay down

Fresh waters to revive me

To cool my throat and crown

My weary soul and spirit

He does repair – restore

For it is His name that I bear,

Who could ask for any more?

In ways holy I will travel,

And through Him, others will I bless

His staff of guidance nurtures me

And from my worries – gives much needed rest

My enemies can merely watch

As the Lord showers on me good things

Abundance of blessing overflow

No matter what life might bring

For all my days – on these I can depend

His promise on that His word contains

Until heavenly realms I finally enter –

At this earthly life’s inevitable end


Thanks for the insights Pastor Vince.

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