Time, Clock, Man, Universe, Transience

I have a little question

An inquiry of some import

Was this how you planned it

Or just a settlement to which you did resort?

If it was the thing designed

The goal to which you were intent

How did you come to this,

Reality you did invent?

An answer now just give me

Tell me your responses true

Is it a scheme I too can follow

Or was it just created for you?

Answer now my question

Please tell me what to do



Nature, Tree, Dawn, Landscape, Panorama

From black to grey and grey to red

Streaks of orange and purple form overhead

The eastern sky comes awake

As I begin my journey at daybreak

As the world’s slumber comes to an end

To our daily labours we must now attend

Time to rise, to stretch and yawn

And welcome yet another dawn


That Season

Autumn, Decoration, Face, Fall, Scary

It was nearly All Hallows, and Bella knew what that meant. She hated this time of the year; really hated it. It wasn’t that her job wasn’t hard enough the rest of the year, but the autumn always brought in a flood of new cases. Bella was a private investigator specialising in missing persons cases. For most PIs that means finding individuals that had skipped out on their rents, or deadbeat dad’s. Well, Bella tracked dead dads. There was no beat to it. She was usually hired by families or estates where the disappearance was, how shall we say, unusual. Most turned out to be standard foul play – love triangles and the like – but some, her bread and butter cases, involved vampires. She had already discovered three different “families” of the creatures in the three counties area, plus that one werewolf case, but Halloween just ramped things up. People though nothing about zombies, werewolves, and vamps on the streets. It made leads that much harder, plus they (the undead) usually did their “recruiting” among the unsuspecting party-goers of October.

Well, this year was going to be a doozy. She just didn’t know it yet.


All or Nothing

Gratisography @

“It’s time to put your money where your mouth is,” Will said limbering up his wrist. For weeks he had heard people going on about the undefeated Tyler. Enough was enough, and now Will was coming out of self-imposed retirement. This road house was his and everybody should remember the fact!

As the two combatants took to the table money started to be slapped down all over the joint. This was going to be the decisive battle to settle the issue once and for all.

“Okay, Dad, I’m ready when you are,” Tyler said looking his father straight in the eye.

Will knew the day would come someday, but he thought it would have been longer than nineteen years.

After a long struggle the older man felt his knuckles hit the table.

Tyler jumped up and scooping the cash into his hand, called out, “The champion!”

“Happy birthday son,” Will said with a wink. The gesture did exactly what he hoped. Now everyone wondered if the old guy had let his son win. Well reputations die hard in Buck Hollow.


Making A Mark

Bible, Church, Wedding, Christian

Being transformed and established

Now leave your mark

With whatever tool you are blessed with

Be it David’s sling or Noah’s ark

You have been prepared to do great things

In the power and name of the Lord

Let us His praises sing

It matters not if your gifts are not like another’s

That is why we have so many sisters and brothers


Getting Up

Stephen Kidd

Getting up is overrated

I know this cuz I’ve contemplated

The effort required

Even if inspired

To leave the place where I’m sated

Getting up is overrated

After all it’s here that I waited

For someone to come by

Then I might try

To leave my comfy spot vacated