When Evil Reigns

image: Korea Times

I have studied and taught the Holocaust for most of my professional career. Humanity’s ability to be inhumane is staggering. Events in Ukraine have once again demonstrated this. As Russian Federation troops withdraw from Kyiv, terrible discoveries are being made. Evidence of the murder of civilians, rape, and torture fill the media. While the “fog of war” still may prevent us getting an accurate view of such claims, it is clear that the present findings are not mere propaganda. Israeli Holocaust historian, Yehuda Bauer has said repeatedly that we cannot objectively compare suffering, but that there is suffering in the present conflict, there is no doubt.

I am not able to fathom the depravity being shown in the current situation. Such actions did not end at Babi Yar, My Lai, or Srebrenica, but are continuing today. Let us give our prayers and support to the victims of atrocity, and make a stand for compassion and righteousness to make sure that evil no longer reigns.


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