Things that are hidden have a way

Of being discovered in the light of day

This was true when Adam went astray

Hiding in bushes when he failed to obey

Hoping that God wouldn’t look that way

One simple commandment – he failed test

Eating the fruit exposed his nakedness

Ashamed he hid – his life in a mess

Sin as it does – causing distress

Discovered by God – he made excuses

Blaming Eve for the rule’s abuses

But that too failed the hide him from blame

And his life would never again be the same


3 thoughts on “Hidden

  1. This is an excellent 6 part series by Frontline about how “God” shaped the USA and how the story of Jesus has been used to keep you in line. Perhaps it’s illuminating not enlightening? Never the less it’d be nice if christians would consider one another’s legitimate hypocrisies instead of simply taking the ‘moral’ high ground in poem after poem. Best of luck whether you choose to watch or not.

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      • I hope you take the time to watch the six part Frontline series. It’s fair and it would benefit the discussions Christians have not only among one another but perhaps to lighten up on the rest of us. And it is moral high ground you all take. There is not humility in your preaching poems. And What else is it for if not to determine “morality” ??? Not that Christians are moral. Some are humane and compassionate, empathetic, open to learning etc… like Jesus was. Thanks for accepting my comments. At least your somewhat brave.

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