The Way Ahead

There are many ways of proceeding, and a few that almost call to me. They are either beautiful to the point of distraction, or mysterious and challenging. This I think is one of the best descriptions that I can give of the writer’s block I have recently been facing in my present book. There are two paths simultaneously calling to me. I therefore have made a number of false starts and retreats, then made small advances along the other road before abandoning that too.

This is an awkward juncture, as the story has a firm setting and structured beginning. I also has a decisive conclusion. But how will I get there? I have considered the grave sin of “separating the party” and having key characters explore the different paths. But each seems to lead to unfamiliar territory and untold risks.

I have decided to maintain each scribbled ebb and flow, and each advance and retreat. In the end I am sure the characters will know the best way to get to the finish. Once they get there, I am sure they will let me know and I can share it with you.


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