The Times

I remember a countryside that was wonderous

With humming bees and birdsong glorious

But the times are changing notorious

With sounds of traffic thunderous

How has it come to be? It’s mysterious

And was it necessary? I am curious


2 thoughts on “The Times

  1. It’s funny that I asked the same thing a few weeks ago. Has ther been progress or just few getting rich at the expense of many. I was wondering what it would be like to worship in a church in your community or work nearby, so no cars needed. As a black person, I asked if it was worth it to destroy so many lives for cotton production and why whites couldn’t hace done the wprk for themselves. But, I keep it to myself so I am not asked to go back where I came from if America is so bad. This is my country and I love it, but when I see the hate leading to massacres, I wonder if progress is made when the earth is dying. I just got out of the hospital on Saturday, and I am still a little maudlin.

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