Journey Goes On

I travelled down the road the other day

It was for the most-part my usual way

Though it was cloudy with some rain that it brings

The journey was familiar full of the typical things

It being on the day – that marked my birth

Sixty-plus years on this earth

It was in a way a kind of an analogy

That our life’s paths – while holding some mystery

Often resemble our history

Yes, it might be sunny, or dampened by dew

And we might meet people – forming friendships new

As a whole we are persons by our experiences shaped

Tending to stay close to the lives we make

We wander not far into the unknown

Preferring to linger near the safety of home

While adventures we might occasionally seek

We often limit them to a day-trip or week

I at least speak for myself – a creature of habit

I choose familiar places and the love of friends if I can have it

And so as another birthday has gone

I hope and I trust my familiar journey will go on


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