Family Affair

Family reunion – remembering a bygone day

Of childhood experiences and places we stayed

Aunts, cousins, mothers and an in-law or two

For a brief reuniting for hours too few

But the love and connections

Rekindled and affirmed

We depart with new memories

And secrets we’ve learned


Scrabo Tower

Padre’s Ramblings

My wife and and I took a little side journey to the Scrabo Tower on our return trip from Mount Stewart. The Scrabo Tower is an interesting monument that was built by the 4th Marquess of Londonderry to honour “Fighting Charlie,” the 3rd Marquess (his father). The tower can be seen from the lands on the opposite side of the Strangford Lough, and all around the family’s huge holdings nearby. The tower is 135 feet (41 m) tall and stands out even more being on the elevation of the Scrabo Hill. The monument is on the grounds of the Scrabo Country Park, and it is a long upwards drive to get to it. From the park there are some great views of the surrounding countryside and the lough. The tower itself is a bit of a walk (I have mobility issues) from the Country Park car park, but it is still a nice pitstop visit.


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Her dress was timeless

Not too much revealed

Leading the imagination to wonder

What the yellow silk concealed

It was a question – the answer – no man knew

For she had standards

To which she was true

She too was timeless

Not subject to fashion or whim

She reserved that secret for that “special him”

Padre :“yellow”, “concealed”, and “timeless

Anger Personified


Turbulent, unpredictable

Subject to swings of mood

The sea is ever-changing

Incapable of being subdued

Oh, we think that with science and engineering

Building vessels that seem so concrete

That we are the masters

But that’s a fool’s conceit

Our human vanity will come to naught

When the ocean’s true anger we meet

That calm façade inviting

Is just to us a tease

For if you overstep the bounds

You will be punished by the seas


A Mersey Moment

Padre’s Ramblings

My wife and I made a brief stop next to the Mersey Ferry. We were able to watch the waterfront touristy stuff going on and got a close up view of the Liver Birds and the Fab Four.

Padre’s Ramblings

Add in a few kings, a memorial to the Titanic and you have a great hop off mini tour.


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Great Beyond


When wandering out into the great beyond

You will find wonders made as if by a wizard’s wand

People with different points of view

And many that might look different to you

This is all part of the magic of travel

For it makes your ‘centrisms begin to unravel

It’s not about the beaches and sun-kissed sands

It’s about learning new things in far-off lands


State of the Art

The Innovation and Development Department at Spacex has recently had some real success in creating a next generation of First Class dining options for the company’s commercial space excursions.

A spokesperson is quoted as saying: “We are really thrilled with the quality of our anti-gravity china. It is not only state of the art in its ability to remain anchored in zero gravity, but it also has beautiful patterns and motifs as well. This is a quality product. Now, we only need to find a way for the food to stay on it during flight.”