The Littlest Fisher (Part 3)


Before going to her fishing place, Danshe paid a visit to the redhead’s cottage. The pot was gone from the front porch, but there was no answer at the door either. As she stepped down onto the walk she noticed that the lady was down on the beach kneeling down next to a pair of seals. She seemed to be having a conversation with them. Though Danshe thought this was curious, she didn’t want to be rude and interrupt her so went to her fishing spot to begin her day’s work.

A short while later the lady appeared near her place. She was carrying the pot.

“Do you mind if I join you?” the redhead asked politely.

“Yes, you may,” the little girl relied.

“Thank you for the yummy stew,” the woman said as she settled down next to her. He then placed the pot between them.

“You’re welcome,”Danshe replied.

The girl seemed to have something on her mind.

“A penny for your thoughts,” the lady said.

Danshe looked a bit embarrassed and then asked, “Can you talk to animals?”

“What makes you ask that?” the woman responded.

“I saw you on the beach with the seals,” she said.

“You might say we are friends,” the redhead replied.

The girl again looked as if she had a question on her mind.

“Um, are” she began hesitantly. “Are you an angel?”

The woman gave a good natured chuckle. “No, I’m not one of the bright ones, but I do try my best to serve the Power-that-Is.”

The girl looked even more embarrassed, and while fascinated, decided not to ask any other questions.

The two sat quietly for a short while, and then Danshe got a bite despite the turbulence of the water.

It proved to be a very big bass, one large enough to feed her and her family. Once she landed it she began to pack away her things. “Thank you sea,” she then said aloud.

“Is that all you are going to catch today?” the lady asked.

“I never take more than I can use,” the girl replied.

The lady smiled at that. “Most people are greedy,” the woman observed.

“But that would be wasteful of blessings,” Danshe responded, as if she had never thought of taking extra.

“Some people say that the greed of people is why the storms have come, and why the sea is acting strangely,” the redhead relied.

“That would be awful if it’s so,” Danshe said thoughtfully. A lot of people could go hungry. In fact, I wish I could feed everyone on the island, but I don’s know how much would be enough.”

“I am sure your present way of doing things is exactly right,” the woman said with a wink. She then got up, “Thank you again for the stew.” With that she departed.



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