In The Giant’s Steps

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According to legend, Finn McCool was getting fed up with being taunted by a Scottish giant. He therefore constructed a long causeway by tossing long columns of stone into the sea and crossed over to confront the malefactor. On arrival he found that the Scot was even larger than himself, so he beat a hasty retreat back to Ireland. He was pursued by his nemesis, however, and had little time to prepare. Finn’s clever wife on the other hand knew exactly what to do. She dressed our hero as a baby and put him in a cot. When the Scot arrived she convinced him that Finn was not at home and only she and Finn’s baby were there. She suggested that if the Scot waited Finn would return shortly. On seeing the size of Finn’s “infant” son, the Scot ran back to Scotland destroying the causeway as he went. All that remains is the Giant’s Causeway near Bushmills and Fingal’s Cave on the Scottish side.

Padre’s Ramblings

The Giant’s Causeway is truly a natural wonder. The stones do indeed look as if a giant pounded them into position. Finn McCool was a busy fellow indeed. My wife and I visited here and I am glad we made the journey. The National Trust visitor centre has a good exhibit, and a shuttle bus to the stones is available for just a couple of pounds or free for NT members. The audio headsets are informative, and the staff and volunteers are really helpful. The movie on the science and the McCool story is a nice intro or summing up depending when you see it. It is the sea and the stones though that make the trip.

Padre’s Ramblings



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