Enlivened Within

What does it take to your spirit awake?

Do you – your inner drive tend to forsake?

We get so caught up with the things so surface

Superficial things we embrace in surplus

But there is so much more upon to focus

Those things that makes us – the real us




Gold, orange, red on the horizon arrayed

And with each passing breeze they begin their cascade

Making a carpet of autumn hues

Crunching underneath our passing shoes

The beauty of nature wondrously displayed

As children await the raking,

So in the piled leaves they can wade



I walked into the only café that seemed to be open on the strip.  The place was a little over the top considering the seedy neighbourhood.  Why might a harbour district coffee shop need marble tabletops and a crystal chandelier?  The menu too was out of place with Eggs Benedict and French croissants on offer. All in all, it was a bit disappointing as all I wanted was a cup of coffee and a ring doughnut to dunk.