The Missing

Bella looked at her case book and let out a loud sigh.  She had never had so many back-to-back unsolved cases before.  She read through the details again.  All of them involved missing husbands or boyfriends, except for the latest one that seemed a bit odd as it was about a missing ex. 

Okay, let’s look at this the other way around.  Three wives and a girlfriend reported missing partners in the last two months.  Two of them came directly to me, one was referred by Jacob who thought it sounded “more my thing,” and the girlfriend was referred by the police.  Then Jacob sent the missing ex one to me yesterday.

Five missing men and I can’t find a single clue.  They are from three different areas of the city, and they have no apparent links to each other.  Hmm, a banker, an architect, a plumber, a student, and a musician. 

This is crazy, Bella said to herself. Why try to link them?  Because . . . because they are too similar.

The missing ex.   Why would someone report an ex as missing, and then say that they didn’t really keep in touch. Isn’t that the definition of an ex?  Someone you aren’t involved with.  So why do you want to find him, and how do you know he’s “missing?”  Maybe he moved, or just doesn’t want “you” to find him.

Bella closed the case book and pulled out the Brady file, the name of the “missing” ex.   Andrew Brady was a twenty-seven-year-old musician.  He did mainly pub gigs, and occasionally warm up sessions for some bigger local acts.  She had found a flyer that said he had performed at the Queen’s Head three weeks ago.  “Well, there’s some place to start,” Bella said aloud.



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