The Last At Last

Today is the year’s last

It finally has passed

With its Covid, recession, and pain

Today is the year’s last

Its likes – you won’t be seen again

But wait – not so fast

For is this an echo of the past?

Surely I heard it all somewhere before

Let’s face it – you never know what’s in store



Do we take things for granted?

Are we confounded by spin?

Do we accept things unexamined,

Even when the truth of it’s thin?

Political agendas and claims to debunk

But the world loves a soundbite

Even when junk

Let us be like Bereans

Let us stop and look

We will soon find that real truth

Is found in the Book


Acts 17:11


Do you call it St Stephen’s

Or is it Boxing Day

Or is just the time when shops

Virtually give Christmas wrapping paper away

A day of left-overs

A time to recoup

Or a time to hit the stores

In a big group

However you see it

Whether relaxing or a pain

364 days of Christmas shopping

Are all that remain



“I have my integrity to consider,” Liam said defensively.

“We aren’t asking you to compromise your integrity. All we want is for you to let us through the door.”

“But I was told not to let anyone in this way, and if I let you in just because you are my friends, I would be shirking my sworn duty.

“Liam, you aren’t guarding the Royal Mint, you are an usher at the cinema.”

“Duty is duty,” Liam responded.

Liam was found a hour later stiped to his underwear, gagged, and with his hands and feet bound by duck tape. He did, however, still have his integrity.


Broads Getaway

My wife and I were given a lovely present of a getaway. We booked into the Sprowston Manor Hotel, Golf & Country Club and founded it a convenient base of operations to see that area of the Norfolk Broads. As can be expected, the hotel was decked out for Christmas and there were multiple festive trees and displays around the facility. As can be seen from the photos our room over looked the pool (a window in the hallway opposite the room gave a clear view. That said the heat and chlorine of the pool sis make that section of the corridor a bit hot and we needed to run a fan in the room to keep the temperature comfortable. The bed was a bit overly firm as well, but as a whole it was a pleasant stay.

We had dinner at hotel restaurant the first night, my wife having a large portion of pork belly and I the haddock and chips. Both were well cooked and tasty. Breakfast was the typical hotel buffet type with eggs, toast, mushrooms and the like. My wife found the bacon a bit on the crisp-side of British bacon, but breakfast was on the whole good on both days of our stay.

After breakfast on the first morning we set out for Ranworth Broad. It being winter, the boat hires and tours were suspended, but we had some nice views of the water and the ducks and geese. After having a look about we headed to Wroxham. I have always found the town amusing as it is dominated by a single company: Roy’s of Wroxham. The company bills itself as the world’s biggest village store, but in Wroxham itself it is a village that is a store. There is a Roy’s Department Store, Roy’s Toys, Roy’s Food Court, and even Roy’s out of town car parks and a Roy’s McDonalds.

On our second evening we had a very nice dinner at a Castle Carvery which I will review separately.

The Broads are quite busy in the summer-time and the roads at some places (Wroxham and Acles) can have jams. In the winter the area is much more quiet, and while many of the activities are not available, it is still a nice place to get away to.


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