The Tattler’s Wood

The road through the old eastern wood was seldom used as the bridge to Middleton had washed out years ago making it essentially a dead end. The wood, therefore, became a perfect place for shady dealings. While various low-level bandits made it a hideout, it offered little to serious highwaymen as there was insufficient wealth to be made there. Little did the criminal fraternity know, however, that the wood was the cause of many of their misfortunes. The wood served the baron and his sheriff’s purposes well, for right next to the old road was an ancient oak which was riddled with cavities which provided the perfect place for informants to leave messages for the authorities. It is because of this that the area became known among members of the watch as “Tattler’s Wood.”

Hyaan Ironman was one such tattler. He was the third son of a blacksmith, and being rather slight in build, he proved ill-equipped to follow in his father’s footsteps. He had tried his hand as street performer, but his voice was as week as his biceps. He eventually came to the Watch’s attention and was detained for panhandling. It was while in custody that he was recruited as an informant. His street act would be overlooked by the watchmen and he in turn would observe his less savoury fellows in the streets and provide written reports in the tattling tree. Little did he know what he was getting himself into.




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