A lady strengthened and renewed in faith

A model of one uplifted by grace

She who reminded us

That “God will hold your hand!!x”

Now rewarded

Summoned by Him to Gloryland


Our thoughts are with Pastors Vince and Lisa in their time of grief


Jesus made sacrifice and for us did serve

Giving us favour, more than we deserve

He set an example of how we should be

To live for others, not selfishly

It may be tempting to with the Jones up to keep

But our true calling is to care for those who weep

So now it’s our time to others serve

And our own indulgence to curb



To enter the “conveniences” while abroad

You might encounter things – to Anglos quite odd

The loo will be attended, “not a private space”

You may well glance up from the toilet

To see a woman’s face

Privacy I guess is not universal

But I wish I had some, at least at the urinal


Strange to Me

It seems a bit strange to me

That things are not what they used to be

Prices rise day by day

And potholes are eating the roads away

Why is that these things don’t last?

Or at least why are they changing so very fast?



To move without aids is a thing which brings stress

A situation when I was younger – ignored like the rest

But with age and injury, I now move more slow

And have to plan out the details of everyplace I go

To be unsure of each and every step

To trust in appliances especially when it’s wet

These are the things which are daily faced

Overlooked by others sharing the same space


Written in frustration by those not in need using disabled bays

Not Alone

It is often repeated

‘Tis oft times said

That facing life alone

Can fill one with dread

But there is no need

To solitary face

This life that you lead

The track of your race

For there is a companion

A shoulder to upon lean

A friend and a comforter

Supportive – serene

He is the Good Shepherd

He’ll show you the way

Of green pastures and still waters

Day after day