About Padre

*The schedule below has been disrupted by the global crisis, travel has ceased, grocery access irregular, and worship moved on-line.  All have had the effect of reworking the timetable.  For the foreseeable future I will post randomly as the muse or experiences lead me.  I will leave the schedule below however as a useful reference and index to the pre-Covid postings.

These are musings and ramblings generally of spiritual themes. That said, travel, public speaking, and cookery increasingly make an appearance and life in general may find its way to the page.

In my life’s journey I have been a preacher, a teacher, and a chapel manager.  I am an ecclesiastical historian, and theologian.  I have worked in inter-faith dialogue and as a Holocaust educator.  All have given me insights to things spiritual, and of things human.  I hope my musings may be of some help to those who read them.

I am a widower, and the passing of my soulmate and best friend has hurt but also strengthened me.  Dianne had long been my poetic muse, but in her passing, she has become an even greater one as I have found depths of emotion I have never experienced before.



Schedule of Posts:

  • Monday Musings  (Miscellaneous  topics)
  • Travel Tuesday   (Trips, Holidays, and Cruises)
  • Witness Wednesday (Spiritual themes)
  • Thoughts for Thursdays (General musings and some occasional philosophy)    
  • Foodie Friday (Recipes and reflections on food in general)
  • Weekend Ramblings (Wherever my ramblings take me)

In addition to the above schedule, I have begun to take part in some prompted poetry and flash fiction writing. But, in order not to stray from the core purpose of this blog, I will as a matter of principle not usually make more than three postings in a day.