Black Friday

This is the Friday they call black

When shops roll their prices back

To the level of the month before

Claiming savings throughout the store

We aren’t supposed to remember

Last Tuesday’s price hike

They’ll tell you “”It’s an illusion

The prices are nothing alike.”

But don’t you worry about a thing

This “One time offer”

Will be repeated next spring


Turkey Day

Today’s the day that all the Yanks

Eat turkey, and pie, and profess their thanks

Parades and football give them something to do

As leftovers are prepared

To be repeated for a day or two

And if all that is not enough for them

In a month and a day – they’ll do it all again



Karen went ballistic when she found out that her husband, Kenneth, had gambled away their entire life’s savings.

“What were you thinking?” she yelled in a shrill tone.

“Well you remember when I asked you to marry me and you said, ‘Yes, I guess this is your lucky day’.”

“Yes, I remember.”

“Well, I was just trying to prove that you were right. So, in reality, it’s your fault.”


By Cyborg Enacted

Enhanced, enabled, engaged

Encouraged to fulfill the purpose for which made

Exploring the deepest reaches of space

To prepare for the human race a place

But what the designers failed to see

Was that the cyborg just wanted to “be”

Enhanced, enabled, engaged

For its own survival it craved

And so the colony was not founded

The plans of man by a machine confounded


A Path Lit

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path. Psalm 119:105

Yesterday I posted a poem reflecting on the Word of God as the point of our focus and how it opens truths to us. Psalm 119 gives us another perspective as well. God’s law enlightens us. A lamp to our feet and a light to our path. What an interesting idea. I really don’t give much thought to making my way around my own bedroom at night. It is familiar, but I still prefer some illumination if I am going to go downstairs. A light for our feet is a great encouragement as it removes fear. A light to our path is also something to reflect on. Despite knowing my bedroom well, and having confidence in my way around it, it doesn’t mean that I don’t occasionally stub my toe or stumble over an object I forgot had been recently put there. A light for even the familiar path is a blessing.

How much more do we need such lamps and lights as we go through the unfamiliar and chaotic world around us? There are stumbling blocks and pitfalls ever before us. But God’s guidance is provided by His word.

You might venture out into the world at night without a light source, trusting in external illumination. But if there is a blackout do you go out with the same lack of concern? Now, what if you were put in the pitch black depths of a coal mine? Would you step carefreely?

None of us knows what today, much less tomorrow holds. Perhaps its best to be prepared and have a torch at the ready.


The Real Truths Beyond

I open my eyes and I daily see

A world of temptations calling to me

Be it riches or celebrity

Beckoning – “Come seek after me.”

But for all their glitz and glammor

They are but noise and clamour

Meant to lead me onto paths unstable

And into sinking sands with their fables

But there is a source on which to focus

Offering true riches and treasures for us

For wonderful things are in His instruction

Leading us away from paths of destruction

Taking us to waters still and pastures green

And a home more beautiful than we’ve ever seen


Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law. Psalm 119:18