Another day in the warehouse

On the nightshift

Moving around pallets with my forklift

I don’t know why people

Buy from this place

It’s overpriced and really a waste

It provides my salary, so I shouldn’t complain

So, from saying so publicly, I’ll refrain



It was a rather simple enterprise, actually.  Bjorn having barely survived his last adventure, concluded that there had to be a better way of making a living than traipsing through dungeons.  He then had the brilliant idea of setting up adventures for others.  He went to the last site and carefully mapped it.  He then sold the quest map to others.  How could it be his fault that someone had robbed it already?


For Pastor Lisa

When shadows of sorrow surround you

And no one really knows what to say

You feel loss’ burden upon your heart

And it feels that it might be there to stay

Remember your comforter is not one earthly bound

Your grief’s release shall be at the throne found

Find your brightness in His care

Remember that He and His children for you care


Why Do You Sleep?


Oh, burier of talents, why do you sleep?

There is so much more for you to do

Let not fear dampen your resolve

To use what God in you did imbue

Though the world may seem a scary place

With pitfalls awaiting at every turn

But you have been equipped to overcome

If only the lesson of trust you will learn

For if you honour the giver of your skills

And value the treasures in your care

Then you will make profits manifest

And with all the world you’ll share


Matthew 25:14–30

Upon The Beach

Lisa Fotios

The strangest things upon the beach you find

Like shiny shells and tangled fishing lines

There are towels and umbrellas of multiple designs

And bathers trying to avoid tan lines

Donuts and candy floss, they’re there too

But I still can’t find my missing shoe