Why Do You Sleep?


Oh, burier of talents, why do you sleep?

There is so much more for you to do

Let not fear dampen your resolve

To use what God in you did imbue

Though the world may seem a scary place

With pitfalls awaiting at every turn

But you have been equipped to overcome

If only the lesson of trust you will learn

For if you honour the giver of your skills

And value the treasures in your care

Then you will make profits manifest

And with all the world you’ll share


Matthew 25:14–30

Take Time


“Lord, tell my sister to lend a hand.

She will do it if You command.

With over a dozen guest’s meals to be plated

I’m finding it hard to keep everyone sated.”

“Martha, your priorities are misplaced,

With all you rushing and all your haste.

Man does not live by bread alone.

True life is when God’s word is known.

So take a moment and lend an ear,

For my message is also for you to hear.”


Luke 10: 38-42

Ecclesiastes 3: 7

Foundations of Sand

Upon what do we now stand?

What are the structures that underpin our land?

Where are the foundations set in stone?

In the age of shifting sands and loam

A parable was given

A warning clear

But we in our arrogance

Refuse to hear

Let us hope that when the rains and floods do assail

That we still have enough root – that we can avail


Matthew 7:24-27

Peter in the Shadows

“Friend, why do you linger in the shadows so deep?

Come and join us by the fire, on this side of the street.

I think that I know you. I’ve seen your face before.

You were with that Galilean, they just led through the door.”

“I do not know of whom you’re speaking. You confuse me with another.”

“But, I surely saw you with him; embracing him like a brother.”

Again, I must assure you, I do not know that man.”

“But surely your accent, like his, is one from Herod’s land.”

“I by all that’s holy, swear that man I do not know!”

And at that very moment, the cock began to crow.


Luke 22


Hope gives perseverance

And faith it does build

In the face of discouragement

It tells us,”Don’t yield”

Hope reminds that God’s promises, we will see

In our diligent expectation, hope is key

Like when hopeful Abraham – children did receive

Or when Moses and the Hebrews were set free

Let hope then sustain you till victory you achieve


Thank you for your message Pastor Vince from Romans 5.

The Battle Is Not Yours


Walls of might, a mere facade

For they pale to the might of God

Pharaoh trusted chariots and steeds

Even after witnessing God’s great deeds

Yet, the king did not relent

And to its ruin his army sent

But all the deities of Egypt’s land

Could not preserve a single man

And so they perished in the sea

Allowing Israel’s children to go free


Exodus 14:26-28

On Glancing the Future

The mysteries of the future

Many want to know

So they consult horoscopes

Or cards of tarot

Many say, “It’s just a bit of laugh”

But they don’t see the deeper side

No, not by half

Paul in Philippi by a young woman was met

Her masters saw her as a financial asset

For she had in her a spirit of divination

For others – this was a thing of intrigue

Paul on the other hand knew in whom she was in league

Paul commanded that the spirit her leave

For tinkering with such

Is not for those who in the Lord believe

Acts 16



A youth set on self-gratification

Upon his father made demands

Wanting no more than his own satisfaaction

He set off to foreign lands

He wasted all that he had

And into despair he did fall

It was only then

That with his father he had had all

A broken man he set back to home

To humbly make his plea

But his father none of it would hear

When his lost son he did see

Welcomed back and robed and shod

A ring upon his hand

He was still by his dad beloved

And a banquet was given grand


Thank you Pastor James for your message