Do you call it St Stephen’s

Or is it Boxing Day

Or is just the time when shops

Virtually give Christmas wrapping paper away

A day of left-overs

A time to recoup

Or a time to hit the stores

In a big group

However you see it

Whether relaxing or a pain

364 days of Christmas shopping

Are all that remain


A Matter of Communication

Padre’s Ramblings

This past weekend, the Toastmasters club I belong to had its Christmas party. It was held (as are our meetings) in a lovely old pub on the border between Suffolk and Norfolk. The set Christmas carvery was wonderful, as usual, and I being pescatarian had the veggie nut roast option. With that said, I found it hilarious to watch members of a club centred on communications skills try to play charades. Let’s put it this way, with members from the US, UK, the Philippines, and more, we faced a bit of a communications dilemma when we couldn’t use our words. Some was cultural. For instance before the games even started there was a need to clarify what was meant by a Christmas cracker, and a panto. But then the miming began for the charades. Our resident Disney enthusiast was able to decipher anything from that quarter, and another member was just a natural. The rest of us, however, definitely lost something in translation. Maybe we should build up our skill set and do an entire table topics in charades format (or not).

A big shout out to the Ram staff for a lovely meal, and a merry Christmas to all.



It might seem to many – a thing insane

That I attach such reverence to a name

That they might use day to day

As an utterance quite profane

It is the time though – of the year

When the name is on the radio

Broadcast for all to hear

Of mangers, and wise men, shepherds and more

The radio blasts them out – score after score

And at the end of this season all too brief

The name of Jesus will again come to grief

Why is it that their hearts are so base

That they don’t see the folly and the disgrace?


Gingerbread Moments


Now’s the season of cocoa and gingerbread

When goodwill is rumored to be spread

Do we take time to stop and take in

How is started and when did it begin?

For in the rush to be festive and bright

We don’t always remember that nativity night

So in your next sweet gingerbread moment

Take time recall that essential component


Blocked and Stopped

It wasn’t a normal day in Santa’s workshop

All the work had come to a full stop

It was all because of the strike

Brought by the E. L. F. the proceeding night

The Elven and Leprechaun Federation had had enough

Of labouring for just cocoa and other sweet stuff

They wanted and demanded better conditions too

Like paid vacation for a week or two

That Nick is a shrewd negotiator

For he gave them phased concessions

Starting a date next year and others even later


Turkey Day

Today’s the day that all the Yanks

Eat turkey, and pie, and profess their thanks

Parades and football give them something to do

As leftovers are prepared

To be repeated for a day or two

And if all that is not enough for them

In a month and a day – they’ll do it all again


King of Life

It is Easter-time again

With chocolate bunnies and marshmallow hens

But forgotten by many and remembered by few

Is the greatest miracle – God did do

For with the sacrifice of His Son

And following resurrection eternal life was won

For the grave – it could not hold

The King of Life – risen – as it was foretold