There was a little stone

That refused to pass while I sat upon the throne

It seems be be just a bit too wide

So got wedged in place deep inside

It did cause me to hit the roof

Excruciating, and that’s the truth

So in the ambulance I did journey

To arrive in hospital on a gurney

And there stuck by needles and assorted tests

I really didn’t get much rest

Then my temperature began to soar

I really could take much more

But after a day that thing did move

A thing unpleasant – but I still approve

For now I can go home return

And get the rest I did earn


* Well, it felt that big.

Upon A Mat Forgiven


By faith of friends on him attending

Jesus’ help was what they were intending

But the house was by crowds beset

So they the householder upset

They the roof tore away

And lowered down the mat on which he lay

Jesus’ to him, his sins forgave

But this led the Pharisees to rant and rave

Jesus asked which might be easier

To forgive his sins or healing deliver?

He then commanded the man to stand

Then when he did it was he talk of the land


Luke 5:17f

Covid Winds

Snow, Sun, Winter, Landscape, Nature, Wintry, Forest

Winter’s come amid the mounting snow

But even without it – there’s no place to go

Doors are closed against the blight

There just seems – no end in sight

As if it were the the cold winds that blow

When it will end? Well I don’t know


Lock Down Blues

Mask, Surgical Mask, Virus, Protection


“Lock-down,” “Stay at home,” “Quarantine”

“Sheltering,” “Shielding,” “Know what I mean?”

“Observed,” “Practiced,” “Put into place”

“Flouted,” “Ignored,” or just “Disobeyed”

“Mask it,” “Visor it,” “Cover your face”

“Might as well be hooded –

Sent to that Gitmo place!”

“It’s all about health!” “It’s our freedoms – I say!”

“I wish that Covid would just go away!”



Sunday Writing Prompt – Lockdown


Lesson Learned

Mask, Coronavirus, Quarantine, Virus, Epidemic, Disease


I have followed the blog of an amazing young woman named Caralyn ever since I began blogging myself.   In her latest post she asked a simple but important question – “What has this quarantine taught you?

I have learned that in the end it is tolerance and compassion that makes us the true survivors. We are touched by people who we haven’t heard from in years who send messages to just check that we are okay. It is the 99 year old veteran that walks around his garden to raise money for the doctors and nurses. It is the pastors who delivers groceries or prescriptions to the weakest of their flocks. It is our own ability to love and understand our friends and colleagues when they try to make a health issue a political one (on either side). It is when we stay in to protect the vulnerable, and yet will pray for those who flout restrictions, or hoard supplies, or even deny there is an issue at all. It is about “loving our neighbours.”


Building a Kingdom

Tablet, Living Room, Dog, Woman, Girl


Jesus said upon the mount,

“Blessed are the poor”

But have you ever bothered –

To read but a few words more?


“Blessed are the poor in spirit” –

Those without big egos –

Or “me first” undue pride


So in these uncertain times

Put others first instead

Think of what they need and keep yourself inside.









Roof, Sleep, Sleepwalkers, Figure, Tile

The COVID-19 pandemic is a worldwide crisis.  Ireland, Denmark, and other European states have closed schools and banned public gatherings.  Italy is in lock-down, and even Donald Trump has taken action.  But here in the UK, the government policy is to seek “herd immunity” by allowing the virus to spread.

Like a sleepwalker, or ostrich in the sand

Boris “follows the science,” no one understands

While his peers international – their people protect

The PM hopes to his infect




Weekend Writing Prompt #148 – Somnambulist in 78 words






A Sad Situation

Beauty In A White Coat, Brunette


Madelyn had always been a healthy and active individual.  She had played field hockey at school, and even was given a scholarship to play the sport at university.  On finishing her degree, she was thrilled to be recruited for a major financial firm near Canary Wharf in London.   All of her Californian friends were envious of the opportunities and experiences she would have.

Her arrival in the UK was in an exceptionally hot summer by British standards, but didn’t seen all that uncomfortable for the San Diego native.  Her flat was modern, yet un-air conditioned, so she spent much of her out of the office time exploring the landmarks or just chilling in Hyde Park.

As October, and then November crept around, Madelyn found the damp chill a little too much to deal with.  She began to spend more and more of her leisure time in the warmth of her amply heated flat.  Despite this she felt increasingly ill.  There were days when she felt so listless that she could barely pull herself from under the bed covers and go to work.

Eventually, with Christmas around the corner, and the fatigue rowing more intense, she scheduled an appointment with her doctor.  Some blood tests were made, and she was told that they would have the results in seven to ten days.  It proved an incredibly long week for Madelyn.  Not only was she constantly exhausted, but she had a nagging worry about the upcoming diagnosis.  Was it cancer? she would muse.  It was almost too much to bear.

Finally the day of the follow-up GP’s visit came.   She entered the doctor’s surgery with apprehension.

“Miss Warren, please take a set,” the doctor said.

“It’s bad isn’t it?” Madelyn blurted out.

“No.  It’s SAD actually,” the GP replied.

“Sad?” Madelyn queried.

“Yes, Seasonal Affective Disorder – that and some low vitamin levels.  It affects a lot of people in Britain.  The low levels of sun light in the Autumn and Winter have a physical impact on the body.  I am going to prescribe some Vitamin D capsules for you, and I recommend that you try a light box.  Many people find they help.

Later that evening, after a trip to Boots Chemists, Madelyn settled onto her bed and plugged in her new Lumie SAD Lamp.  “Well then,” Madelyn said, ” I guess You are my sunshine.”




Saturday Mix – Mad About Metaphor: You are my sunshine