Your Inner Compass

Still waters run deep,

So it is said

Your thoughts are your own,

Deep inside your head

Others cannot know

If your words match your point of view

For your outward expressions

May not be true

It is here that integrity becomes a thing

For honest conversation reward does bring

For while others you may think you fool

It diminishes the soul

Which self-destructive and ultimately cruel


Impaired Not Defeated

It might be an impairment you have had since your birth

But it’s not the sole factor in determining your contributions or worth

It can be that childhood injury after which things were never the same

Or arrive with the menopause bringing fog to the brain

It can stem from that fall while out walking the dog

Or damage to your lungs from breathing city smog

It might manifest in a blink of an eye

Or through wear and tear as the years creep by

But it is not the impairment that you does disable

But unadjusted conditions around you and the attitude of people that label


Inner Us

When faced with the day to day

We get use to doing things in a certain way

But at times when new trials arise

New approaches we must devise

And when the struggles are particularly great

Or tremendous struggles on our plate

It is then that we find the stuff

That is at our core and makes us – us

For if in our true strengths we do trust

Pressures will never our lives bust



Knight, Middle Ages, Armor, Shield, Horse, War, Templar

Being against evil doesn’t make you good. Tonight I was against it and then I was evil myself. I could feel it coming just like a tide… I just want to destroy them. But when you start taking pleasure in it you are awfully close to the thing you’re fighting.
–Islands in the Stream (started in 1950 but published in 1970) Ernest Hemingway

Be good for goodness’ sake

Don’t be defined by what you’re not

Your friend is one that loves you

A mutual enemy makes you friends not

Be good for goodness’ sake

Don’t on a band wagon sit

For virtue is not signalled

It is what is lived!



A Voice for the Voiceless

person in scarf holding white disposable cup
Jose Ramirez at Unsplash

I have spent the last few days engaged as a delegate at a national union conference. There has been a lot of discussion on the support necessary for those in need. Austerity has eroded the livlihood, and life choices of many. Child poverty in the UK is an unfortunate reality despite the wealth of the nation and that the nation’s richest individuals have grown even wealthier during the Covid crisis. Fairness was a recurring theme in discussions, as CEO pay goes up, and yet more working people have slipped into poverty. Women’s and minority rights were also focused on. It is time for those in majority, or at least in influence, to step up for those who are voiceless, or at least stiffled. Abuse and harassment of women and girls should be called out by men not just “feminist” women. Racism – “institutional” and “systemic” also should be challenged by those of privilege.

These modern sounding “liberal” principles are, however, in fact biblical. Proverbs 31: 8-9 calls for us to “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.”

The scriptures are clear that we with a voice have not just an opportunity, but a duty to defend and speak for those without voice. When we see injustice we need to call it out. This isn’t just “political,” but day to day real life in its nature. “Locker room talk,” race sensitive jokes, and any other form of diminishing the human dignity of anyone should be stood up against.

At Sychar’s well, respect and a kindness done

To the Samaritan woman under midday sun

And to the Syrophoenician, Jesus gave “crumbs”

Human dignity clearly won

The poor may be with us to the end

The Apostles to them the Jerusalem Seven they did send

We too must for the unfortunate speak

And ways to serve them we should seek




By Greed And Lies Forlorn: Acts Poem 5

The Death of Ananias by Raphael – Public Domain

Blessings shared as was the church’s way

But one couple by greed and vanity was swayed

They made claims of great service done

But their deception became clear and they were undone

Ananias and Sapphira were their names

And in their lies the Spirit they defamed

Holding back was not their sin

For it was in their control what was given

But for deceit they did pay

For they claimed greater sacrifice than they actually made

To lie to men is easily done,

But to do so to God is a gamble that can’t be won

And thus discovered they breathed their last

A lesson in lying’s folly – that’s still unsurpassed


February’s Poem 5 from Acts 5


Crown, Moss, Head Ornament, Rust, Rust Crown, Rusty

Do not fret over things that have passed

Nor cling-on so wholeheartedly to that which will not last.

Do not be diminished by the things others say or do,

But hold your head up proudly

For that is the only posture that is worthy of you.

You may feel the weight of struggles

The burden of many cares,

Hold true to your path –

Though accusers may be many,

The failure is really theirs.

You were named “Princess”

The title says it all –

So with that queenly dignity

With the world your example share


For Sally


The Eleventh Hour, Clock, Time, Disaster

Liquid, Fluid

Flowing past

Each moment brief

Never lasts

Yet on its journey

We are swept away

Until we at last

Face Judgement Day

Liquid, Fluid

Flowing past

It is our deeds that matter

It’s them that last

So as the days – their course do run

Leave your mark on every one


FOWC with Fandango — Liquid