Gold, orange, red on the horizon arrayed

And with each passing breeze they begin their cascade

Making a carpet of autumn hues

Crunching underneath our passing shoes

The beauty of nature wondrously displayed

As children await the raking,

So in the piled leaves they can wade


The Turning Time

The lavender is no longer in bloom

And the buddleia’s flowers are dry and gray

The trees are rich in orange and red

But brown is starting to have its way

It is that turning time of year

When chill nights follow shorter days

The neighbours ghosts and witches hang

From their garden gateways

And await the coming of the hoards

Wanting trick-or-treat to play


Point of View


The Met Office say we had the wrong type of rain

That fell too fast and went down the drain

It is drizzle that we seek

That falls slowly and into the soil does seep

To me ir doesn’t matter what kind we get

If you’re sat in the garden

You’ll still be wet


Tampering With Nature

My thanks to Fandango for introducing me to The Squirrel Chase and their one-to-three challenge. I had in my file a photo of a butterfly visiting the back garden. While the lavender and vlinder are works of divine art, by photography isn’t. The challenge to run the photo through a photo processor provided some lovely results, however.


A Breath of Nature

I was recently at a conference in Manchester. The return journey afforded my wife and I the opportunity to take in the Peak District. Seeing that we live in the Brecks and are bordered by the Fens, the chance to see anything taller than a couple hundred of feet above sea level made a nice scenic change.

Padre’s Ramblings

I particularly liked the dry stone walls, and the tranquillity of the pasture lands. Yes, we have sheep and cattle in East Anglia too, but the stone enclosures are so much more attractive than wire fencing.

Padre’s Ramblings
Padre’s Ramblings
Padre’s Ramblings