Sunlight’s Retreat

Copyright Padre’s Ramblings

Maria Antonia’s 2021 Photo Challenge includes a category of Sunlight/Moonlight. This photo I think captures that transition period of sunlight’s retreat before yielding way to moonlight. It was taken on a cruise near the Canary Islands.

Sunlight retreating, yielding way

Off for a rest at the close of day

Sister Luna shall take oversight

And hold her vigil throughout the night

Then like clock-work at the dawn

The sun shall return with a stretch a yawn


Majestic Pair


Majestic pair white
Gliding upon mirrored lake
Autumn’s home to build


Colleen has set the following challenge this week:

“You can choose the Ekphrastic #PhotoPrompt provided by Trent McDonald, or you can choose the #SynonymsOnly challenge using the words “MOVE & MAKE” provided by David Ellis. OR… You can do both! It’s up to you.”

I have chosen to go with a haiku based on the photo, and I have used gliding for move, and build for make.


Abandoned Old International Truck, Rusted, Vintage, Old

I came across you the other day

Bleak reminder of a bygone age

Where were you heading?

And how did you return?

Did you end up here

By some wrong turn?

I came across you the other day

What prompted your prolonged stay?




Route 64

white flowers in black glass vase
Photo by Tijana Drndarski on Unsplash

I-40’s faster – down through Jackson ways

But old 64’s what I remember from my Memphis days

Long hot evening-drives through cotton fields

Car windows open against the stifling still

Yes, old 64’s what I remember from my Memphis days

It amazing what you recall  – from just seeing a vase




Photo Prompt




What A Sight

imageedit_0_8369754330 (1)

Photo: Padre’s Ramblings

When in Scotland, some years ago

To Loch Ness I happened to go

At the Visitor Centre I chanced to see

An amazing example of a water-beasty

It was rather big

And it wasn’t quick

So it made it easy

For me to take the pic



My offering for Maria Antonia’s photo challenge “What a Sight.”


imageedit_2_2808740194 (1)

Golden Gates at Versailles

Maria Antonia’s 2020 Photo Challenge includes a prompt on the theme of “majestic.”  There are few places more majestic that the Sun King’s Palace of Versailles.  Seeing that majesty is expected here I am presenting two photos rather than the humble “One.”

imageedit__9269183723 (2)

Palace Detail

The sun glints off gates of gold

Attesting to wealth and majesty untold

Royal power and opulence extreme

Surrounding of which most can only dream



Up In The Sky

Flying Machine

Renaissance Flying Machine Duxford Museum – copyright Padre’s Ramblings

Maria’s Antonia’s #2020picoftheweek challenge includes a prompt for “up in the sky.”  This photo taken at the Imperial War Museum at Duxford gets visitors to look up as they enter.  It’s fitting for the theme to have something unusual “up in the sky.”

It’s not a bird.  It’s not a plane. 

Nor Superman, or anything plain

It’s wood and canvas

And some Italian wild thought

Leonardo’s futuristic vision

But it came to naught