Tampering With Nature

My thanks to Fandango for introducing me to The Squirrel Chase and their one-to-three challenge. I had in my file a photo of a butterfly visiting the back garden. While the lavender and vlinder are works of divine art, by photography isn’t. The challenge to run the photo through a photo processor provided some lovely results, however.


Risk Taker

Zebulun had always been a risk taker. Back at school, he once pushed the limits by purposely coming to class with dirty nails. This of course earned him a firm caning, but he thought it worth it as it proved him a rebel. Later in life he rode his horse at full gallop across the new railway line barely clearing the track before the Pinkerton Express roared past. But it was the now famous photograph that proved his daring-do when he was the first known example of someone smiling at the camera.


Stay Still

CCC 182

“Stay really still and keep watching out the window,” Teddy said.

“Then what will happen?” Joey enquired.

“Well if we don’t draw attention to ourselves, this lady with a camera will come along and take a picture of our window. I don’t know why she does it, but she come walking by places like this snapping photos. If we’re luck we’ll get to be in one.”


Poole and Swanage Snapshots

Boat Traffic – Padre’s Ramblings

Bournemouth provided a great opportunity to explore more of the surrounding area by sea. There were boat trips available from the Bournemouth Pier which explored not only the immediate bay, but the Jurassic Coast and the towns of Poole and Swanage.

Jurassic Coast 1
Jurassic Coast 2
Jurassic Coast 3
History Centre
Customs House
Poole Museum
Poole Museum
Poole Museum
Sea Views

And of course all sea journeys help to give you an appetite!

Prawn Salad – Pier Cafe and Bistro


Sunlight’s Retreat

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Maria Antonia’s 2021 Photo Challenge includes a category of Sunlight/Moonlight. This photo I think captures that transition period of sunlight’s retreat before yielding way to moonlight. It was taken on a cruise near the Canary Islands.

Sunlight retreating, yielding way

Off for a rest at the close of day

Sister Luna shall take oversight

And hold her vigil throughout the night

Then like clock-work at the dawn

The sun shall return with a stretch a yawn


Majestic Pair


Majestic pair white
Gliding upon mirrored lake
Autumn’s home to build


Colleen has set the following challenge this week:

“You can choose the Ekphrastic #PhotoPrompt provided by Trent McDonald, or you can choose the #SynonymsOnly challenge using the words “MOVE & MAKE” provided by David Ellis. OR… You can do both! It’s up to you.”

I have chosen to go with a haiku based on the photo, and I have used gliding for move, and build for make.