Woman, Shopping, Happy, Bags, Dresses

It’s the paradox of finance:

You need debt to gain credit

Yet to save is the advice –

And owing too much money

Can be seen as a vice.

If you spend freely you’re a spendthrift –

A miser if you save

Because the economy needs you

That’s what they say.

Economics – it seems a subject quite deep

Yet you seem an airhead or shallow

If conspicuous shopping

Is all that you seek


Weekend Writing Prompt #184 – Paradox in 71 words

Saturday Mix –  Our words this week are: save and spend / shallow and deep


Roofing, House, Fields, Fleuri, Landscape, Village

Homestead farm upon the Great Plains

Wheat fields and prairie surround

Grizzly bear rug before the hearth

A herb garden just coming to flower

And out in the yard behind the iron gate

Of graphite grey cold and stern

Edged in bramble lie the weathered stones

Of the first settlers of this prairie home


Paint Chip Poetry Prompt #47: paint your picture with all 7 of these paint chip words and phrases: bramblewheat fields, graphitethe Great Plains, grizzlyherb garden, and iron gate.