Farm Girl, Harvest, Agriculture, Autumn

You dismiss yourself as a country bumpkin

But the stuff that you know is really quite something

Who these days – still knows how to sew?

Or can their own veg, much less make it grow?

Your skills are precious in world all online

As you can survive – network fail time


When ME is the Collective

Apocalypse, City, Ruins, Buildings

We say we’ve moved on

Beyond fairy tale and superstition.

Led by the empirical, our own minds,

And accompanied by selfish ambition

We have abandoned the divine,

Leading to society’s demolition.

When “I” become more than the rest of the whole

If followed by all – this has a terrible toll.

Society and culture are meant to be a collective

If we live just for ourselves – that must surely be defective.




Stitches and weaves

Patterned knots and twists

Woollen yarn warm

From neck to the wrists

Knit or crocheted

Or made on a loom

To hold winter at bay

And its accompanying gloom

And of all the jumpers, cardies,

Sweaters, and vests

It are those made by a loved one

That are always best


The true warmth in winter is found in love.

Beyond Knowing

Graduation, Future, University, Cap, Graduate, College

I am educated

I know my stuff

But knowing about

Is not enough

The Word of God

Is a thing to live

Not just something some study to give

Yes love the Lord with all your mind

But also with heart and strength combined

Study yes – to show yourself approved

But don’t forget to be by the Spirit moved



United States MARINE CORPS 0311 RIFLEMAN MOS DESERT MILITARY PATCH - SEMPER  FI | Marine corps quotes, Marine corps, Usmc quotes

I served just four years with the Corps

Then it was college that was in store

But an 0311 I’m proud to be

Taking pride in being infantry

That MOS has left a legacy

An iffy back, and even worse knee

But I’d do it again if it were called on me

To keep my friends and countrymen free



Stained Glass, Man, Holy, André

By lust driven
On a tray of silver
The martyred John the baptist’s head
Mob rule
Shouts and vile threats
Anger overflowing
Led to showers of stones killing
By sword
James too perished
Herod’s act cynical
Political favour to win
Through sin
Dirty hands washed
He too a crowd to still
Knowing not that Messiah, he
Did kill


Lifted Up

Jesus, Christ, God, Holy, Spirit, Bible

It is colder, darker, and bleaker each day

November so different from the month of May

Spring and its messages we oft forget

When we find ourselves cold and wet

But the Spring too once had a darkest day

When the Son of Grace in a tomb did lay

But He rose to glory, His mission fulfilled

And sent His Spirit His power to wield

We those empowered should not be dismayed

By the darkest of situations the world has made