People, Adult, Woman, Cinderella

To be a Prince Charming requires no real nobility, merely a strong jaw and cleft chin. A suitable castle or palace is a must, to hold a few balls within. Some flashy clothes and a servant or two, to pass out invitations and decrees. With all that in place, it won’t take too long, till peasant girls will go weak at the knees. Being Prince Charming is easy you see, as it is a position of birth right plain. Just beware of those Disney guys, as their constant presence is often a pain.


Tale Weaver/Fairy Tale – #311 – How To Be A Prince Charming


CCC #115

A dune-way path straight to the sea

No need to brave loose sand and tangled grass

Such ease delivered to a traveller’s way

What more can a beach-goer ask?

And yet there are some who would the rough way go

To experience the natural ways of to-s and fro-s

As for me the boardwalk I’ll take

For my achy old knee’s sake


Crimson’s Creative Challenge #115


Airport, Transport, Woman, Girl, Tourist

One flight ended, another yet to start –

Making tight connections is not for the feint of heart.

There are those that prefer – a longer wait instead –

Using a suitcase for a pillow and a hard seat for a bed.

In hectic crazy terminals – for distant gates you chase

Only to learn of flight delays – at the end of your race.

But at last with connections made –

Your journey can proceed,

And you swear that next time around

It will be a cruise you need.


By An Eye Captured

Young Woman in Brown Apron Sketching on White Cardboard
Cottonbro at Pexels

By an eye captured

By a hand adorned

With each little brushstroke

The image is formed

Is it an expression

Of its subject true?

Is that really what art’s meant to do?

Is it the spirit of the thing that’s at play?


It’s that the soul of the artist that sees it that way