Never Fall

Storm, Damage, Hurricane, Wind, Disaster

In England it’s called Autumn, and never referred to as Fall

Today, I watched as leaves blew sideways and upwards, none went downwards at all

The rain it comes in cold hard bullets, and makes puddles to chill our feet

And they tell us now that this evening, we will be able to enjoy some sleet


Not Life As We Know It

When Harry Met Santa': Santa Gets a Boyfriend in Norwegian Postal Service  Christmas Ad

The anxiety was shared by everyone. Millions of people stared almost unblinkingly at television sets and computer monitors around the world.

Danny was no different. He had a tension headache, and on several occasions he found himself hyperventilating because of the anticipation. His wife, Eve had tried to reassure him, but she too was showing the tell-tale signs of worry.

Could this truly be the end of civilisation as we know it?

All would be known by the 25th of December. Would Santa really be replaced by the Norwegian Postal Service?


Do no take this as a comment on Norway’s equality laws, rather it is a critique of the world where Amazon, FedEx, and now Norway’s mail system have changed our social interactions, killed small shops, created “Black Fridays,” and reduced everything to consumerism.

Follow the . . .

It wasn’t exactly yellow bricks, but it would have to do. After all, they weren’t in Kansas any more, so Dorothy, Toto, the Scarecrow, headed down the Yellow Leaf Road in hopes of finding the Wizard. Little did they know that the Wicked Witch of East Anglia had an army of mustard-addicted canaries waiting to take carry them off to her evil realm of Norwich.


Crimson’s Creative Challenge #159

Flash Mob

It wasn’t really so much a flash mob as it was a flash presence. It had sounded a great idea when the local orchestral society had discussed doing it.

“What about Bolero?” Heidi had suggested.

“Wonderful choice,” Peter replied and they were off. They spent the next three rehearsals going over and over the same piece.

Finally the appointed day arrived, and Heidi was off early to plot out her seat at the airport. Twenty minutes later Tom Weaver showed up as well and the pair waited for the rest of the orchestra to arrive. They waited. They waited some more.

Finally, they started to play the piece the best they could in the domestic departure lounge. The show must go on they reasoned, though they were quite annoyed at the others.

Meanwhile, a enthralled crowed enjoyed the “spontaneous” rendition of Bolero which was played by nearly an entire orchestra in international arrivals.


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #145

Household of Faith

A Mothers' Prayer Meeting |

A household of faith – standing side by side

For each other’s needs prepared to provide

Bound as a family – steeped in love

Like that shown to us from Him above

While we were yet sinners, we still had His affection

And He placed us on a path to develop perfection

While we may not have managed to attain it

We begin with things like the kindness we transmit

For each of our brethren have their needs

And we can easily provide for them – when we give up our greed

We are a household, one built on belief

And together we can change the world – giving to others relief


Thank you again Brother Vince for a powerful message