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Spiritual Poems:

Abandoned Faith

Advent Thoughts

A Time To

Awaiting Reunion **

Beyond Paper Doors


Brother Beekeeper *

Chandelier Of Meaning


The Door


Eternal Love

Faith Shall Yet Ascend

Faith – The Void Filler: Tanka **

Freedom Impart

Giving, Thanks

The Good Wife **

Great Things Shall Come **

Guide on the Way

Hearths and Hearts Aglow

Highway to Heaven

Holy Islands: Haibun

Hope Will Rise Again

In All Things **


Jacob’s Ladder

Kingdoms Rise, Kingdoms Fall

Let There Be Light

Life’s Journey **

The Magi

Nativity: An Etheree

The New Day

Notebook 2: The Lord’s Book

Over All that Flows


Petition: A Haiku

Praise to the Three in One

Prayer Among the Candles


Quiet Yard

The Righteous Shall Shine**

Sacred Places Above Below

The Spirit of the Thing

Sufferings Just Can’t Compare **

Three in One

To Love You and Draw You Home

Treasure Rediscovered**

Treasure That You Bear

Turbulence **


The Wager

Weary But Renewed Each Day **

What Have You Seen?

When Life’s Road Is Rough

While Shepherds Watched


Other Verse:

2:08 PM

A Few Things

A Grotto View: A Tanka

A Song in the Key of Tea (The Tea Song)

A Woman’s Place

Ablaze in Glory

After The Storm: An Inverted Etheree

Agent Provocateur: A Clogyrnach

Ahab’s Mistress

Alliterisen: A Poetic Experiment

All You Will Ever Need

All’s Well That Ends Well


Another Auction Annual: Alliteration Experiment

The Artist

As Twilight Comes**

At Dawn: A Haibun

At the Chalkface

Aunt Polly’s Fence


Autumn Has Come

Autumn’s Promise **/*

The Awakening

Awash in Stillness

Baby Sister

The Beau: A Inversed Nonet

Before The Light Fades

Believe: A Cinquain

The Belle: A Nonet

Beneath/Upon a Pond: Peace

Beware of Hospitality Betrayed

Beyond The Ruby Cliffs: Tanka

Bird of Knowing

Black Friday

The Bluebells’ Welcome: A Haibun**

Bottles In Their Rows

The Bout


Broken Children?

Broken Heart: A Haiku**


Bygone Fantasy


Cardboard Abode **

The Castle

Celebration of Life */**


Chance Meeting **

Cheese Please!

Clouds: A Haiku

The Clouds of Childhood


Cotton Candy Words

The Crack of Dawn

Curse Unearthed?: A Tanka


Daisies in the Breeze

Defiant Islands of the Fjord



The Diet


Distant Dream*

The Doll

The Eagle

Elysian (2) – Infantryman’s Version

Elysian (1) – Mother’s Version: An Etheree



Evening: A Mirror Cinquain

Evolution of Man

The Exchange **


The Failure

Favourite **

The Fair

The Fayre

Final Battle

Finding Calm

Finding Clarity: A Reverse Cinquain

Fire On The Mountain*

Fire Song

First Date **

First Flakes: A Haibun

First Flower – Snowdrop: A Haiku

“Footsteps of the Mind”

For A Moment Golden

For the Love of It


Free Me*


The Gate

The Gaul

Girl I Never Knew*

The Graduate: A Haibun

Great Danes

Great Outdoors


Guileless Spirit

Hart of Christmas: Haibun

Head Held Up: A Tanka of Hope *



Helpful Reminder */**

Her Request **

Hidden In A Garden

Hiding Place


Homeward: A Shadorma

Honeysuckle Memories

Hong Kong

Horse Latitude

Hurry!: A Haibun

I Never Knew

Imperious He Stands

In the Eye of the Beholder

In The Face of Grief: Haibun **

In the Nick of Time

Indecision: A Three Line Tale turned into a Pseudo-Haibun


Into the Woods

Into the Woods (2): A Tanka

An Invitation/An Opening

It’s Not Antipathy

“It’s Time”

January’s Sentinel

The “Joke”

Journey of the Amster-damned

Just a Splash


Leaving London

Let the Balefires Burn

Life’s Twisting Path*

Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Proclamation: Tanka

Lives Etched


Love Lies Bleeding


Mariner’s Dream


Melt in Your Mouth

Micro Poems 1

Micro Poems 2

Micro Poems 3

Micro Poems 4

Micro Poems 5

Micro Poems 6

Micro Poems 7

Micro Poems 8

Micro Poems 9

Micro Poems 10

Micro Poems 11

Micro Poems 12

Micro Poems 13

Micro Poems 14

Micro Poems 15

Micro Poems 16

Micro Poems 17

Micro Poems 18

Micro Poems 19

Micro Poems 20

Micro Poems 21


Mistress Springtime

Natural Gifts


Nature’s Splendor

Nest-ward Bound

Never Truly Apart

New Beginning

New Year, New You

Nightfall: A Simple Cinquain

Nocturnal Moments

Noon: A Tanka

Not All Darkness Is Night

Not For Sale!

Notebook 1: My Notebook

Of A Female Voice Freely Given

Of Moors and More

Of Wisdom and Knowledge

On Remembrance

On the Tip of My Tongue

On Yarmouth Beach

Open Flower: A Haiku

Padre’s Rambling: A Haibun *

Pantheon: A Clogyrnach

Peach *


Pizza Epiphany

Point of View

Politics: A Tanka

Pomegranate Queen*

Power of Voice


Private Moments

Prometheus’ Gift



The Pump: A Haibun

The Queue: An Etheree

The Quiver

The Red Knight

Reflections of Indecision

Reflections on the Birkenau Sky *

The Rehearsal: A Haibun

Refreshed- Renewed*

River’s Journey

Roadside Wonder

Road Worthy*

The Rock

The Roundabout

The Sail-Maker


Sense of Direction

Settling Up


Shooting Star: A Haibun (with double haiku)**

Shops: All in a Row

The Siblings of Dark and Light


The The Silken Temple: A Butterfly Cinquain

Simple Celebrations: An Etheree Poem

Solemn Witness of the Passing of Time

Something in the Wind

Souq Song

Spring Before Summer’s Untimely Fall

Spring In The Heart: A Tanka **

The Stars Rejoice

Sunshine Garden

Sweet Dreams**

The Tailor*

The Tea Party

Tea Spirit

Tearful Celebration**

Terms and Conditions Apply

Three A.M. **

This Seat Has Been Taken

Thoughts Cast Adrift

Through The Seasons: A Monotetra

Ticking Away: A Haibun

Tired of Reasons

To Await A Coming Storm

To Play on Words

To Sell One’s Soul

To Serve

Trapped In My Ancient Fear

Travelling Hand in Hand**

Turning Point


Under Construction

Up A Creek: A Goose Song


Validated: A Haibun*


Windy: A Tautogram Poem

Visage Captured

The Visit: A Pseudo-Etheree

Visiting the Past **

Warming Interludes **

The Watch-keeper

The Water Dragons

We Shall Be Waiting

A Week in Verse

Well of Loneliness**

What Smiles Hide**

When Monsters We Seek

“When Pigs Fly:” An Etheree

When We Were Very Young

Where Evil Lurks

Where Fantasies Are Born

Where I Stand

The Widower: A Single Tear **

Wild Country

The Wild One: A Nonet

Winded Child

Winds of Change

Without Horizon*

Yuletide Robbery


* Contain religious or spiritual themes

** Poems for Dianne