The Resort

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It was late evening and the end of an idyllic day.  The food at the resort was amazing, and the excursion to the sea caves had been made even more magical by the arrival of a pod of dolphins as the holiday makers lunched on the catamaran.

Later that evening the resort put on a cultural showcase.  Dancers, musicians, and traditional storytellers enthralled the guests with their talents.  Now with late evening drinks completed, and tomorrow being a “stay in” day at the resort, the tour group from Hamburg readied their tri-colour towels to mark their places for the morn.


My apologies for stooping to a stereotype, but it seemed a fun take on the prompt – at least from a British perspective.


100 Word Wednesday: Week 140





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It was a cynical ploy on the part of the Government.  With falling popularity of its policies and opposition rising, especially among the young, the Security Services put Operation Backing Track into action.  Black budgets were drained, and preparations made.

Concerts with a select few “popular” acts were then staged at grossly discounted rates at venues in and around university campuses.  The trained operatives in the sound and projection booths then manipulated subliminal images on the back screen and introduced mind altering sonics beneath the music.  The end result was the production of a new generation of ultra-nationalistic extremist clones.


100 Word Wednesday: Week 133

The Beach Party


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The couple were sure they had found the perfect isolated spot for their picnic.  So, they were surprised when they came ashore from fishing to find it a party site.  The shoreline was littered with the empty drinks containers, and other indicators of the day’s excesses.

“It really must have been some shindig,” Emily said scanning the bank from their boat.

“I can’t believe they emptied so many cans and wine bottles,” Roger said in agreement.

But nothing struck them more than the sight of the six partiers passed out on the grass.

“Those Cancers sure can party!” Emily said.

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