Sunshine Garden

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An enclosure of captive blooms

In the garden-sun – a place to rest

Alongside fountain-ponds – a place

To, in the sunshine, be blessed


No wilderness or darkness here

But brightness and daylight cheer

Tranquility and peace to share

For all those loved ones gathered there




2019 Photography Challenge OF MARIA ANTONIA: Sunshine

When Monsters We Seek

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Loch Ness Visitor Centre 1987

I have snorkeled along reefs of the Pacific –

I have swam in the cold waters – Atlantic –

While some views there where beautiful – dramatic –

Never did a true monster I see.


Reefs teamed with life in bright blues, reds, and coral –

With the fact that they were fabulous, I cannot quarrel –

But even the sharks, which were frightening to see –

Really as monsters – they failed to be.


Underwater is a world of surprises –

But one truth that I finally arrived with –

When it comes to the risks to the ocean –

The threatening monsters are we.



I am a lover of the sea, and while I am by no means a “tree huger,” I do lament our impact on the sea.  We damage reefs, over fish, and create “islands” of plastic.  While we have moved past Melville’s world of whaling, we have found new ways to exploit the worlds waters.   It was this in mind that I approached Maria Antonia’s prompt.


OFMARIAANTONIA photo challenge:  Under Water



Three in One

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Rushton Lodge

Three in One

Sir Thomas Tresham used the Rule of Thirds,

Speaking volumes in symbols  – not just words,

His faith was illegal, but he made his stand,

And saluted the Trinity on his land.


H2O the formula’s the same,

As gas, liquid, solid – still water it remains,

It doesn’t matter whether aqua,  ice, or steam,

Water’s still water, if you know what I mean.


So too our Creator follows a Rule of Thirds,

That He does – is not at all absurd,

As Father – He created, as Son- He did save,

And as Spirit – He guides us from cradle to grave.


So when next that picture  – you do snap,

Be sure that perspective – in threes you map,

In your balance of segments – all will see,

That you follow the example of great company.




Please see my post on Rushton Lodge

Prompt – OFMARIAANTONIA  :Rule of Thirds




Hidden In A Garden

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Fairy Mound

Flowers upon a fairy mound,

In a walled garden hidden,

A gateway to another world,

To mortal folk – forbidden


How simple to hide the door,

Among the blooms so pretty,

In plain sight its wonders plain,

That we miss them is a pity


Amid the flowers, the folk of lore,

Every evening they do dance,

But we in our lives that rush,

Dismiss it without a glance


Simple blooms, and petals bright,

So often escape our view,

But when we fail to just enjoy,

We miss the wonder too










A Road Worthy

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©Padre’s Ramblings


A Road Worthy

On highways and byways

Along roadways, and streets,

We make our daily journeys

‘Til life’s journey we complete.


Some are roads of light and beauty,

Others with darkness and decay,

Some lead us up to higher ground,

And some the other way.


Do we ponder the paths we travel?

Which are worthy of our attendance?

Do stride the paths of merit?

Do we bless them with our presence?


Let us value our own journey,

And pick paths glorious and bright,

And make all our roads worthy,

And enjoy our pathways right.




MARIA ANTONIA 2019 Photo Challenge:  Road Worthy







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Giverny ©Padre’s Ramblings



Bridges bring us together,

Span gaps that keep us apart.

They may be of wood, stone or concrete,

Or sometimes a “sorry,”

When comes to matters of the heart.


Bridges link things divided,

Be they lands, people, or tongues.

They like words take us closer,

Far more effectively than walls or guns.


Bridges bring us together,

Span gaps that keep us apart.

Simple structures that lead us,

To discoveries and at times a “new start.”





2019 Photography Challenge: Bridge