man in black nike jacket and blue denim jeans sitting on boat

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Time to emerge and finally come out

We hear they have the vaccine – they talked about

Herd immunity from two quick jabs

That’s a relief ‘cuz I going lock down mad

What’s this – “It could take to the spring?”

Okay, then I crawl back, like in that groundhog thing.


A Year To Leave Behind

snow covered road between buildings during night time

Josh Hild at Unsplash

It was a fitting end of the year. As if 2020 didn’t have enough turmoil, New Year’s Eve stuck true to form for the year. Ken had left work at Seven along with his manager, Sally who had just driven off, when he discovered the double whammy of having left his phone in his employee locker, and his car battery flat. To make matters worse, snow had begun to fall and the temperature was dipping to minus three. There was no one else about in the car park so he decided to trudge towards home in hope of flagging someone to make a call to the breakdown service for him. Though he caught the eye of a few drivers, they seemed disinclined to stop much less lower their windows to a stranger in the age of Covid. Ninety minutes later Ken finally arrived home to find his girlfriend frantic with worry at his late arrival. He calmed her and explained the circumstances of his delay. Then taking a very chilled bottle of Prosecco from his bag, he filled two glasses and toasted the end of 2020 and beginning of anything else.


Today’s prompt—Use “the end and beginning” in any form of writing


Beanie, Guy, Man, Beard, Jacket, Grey, Looking, People

Why should we be pessimistic at twenty-twenty,

A year that started with Aussy wildfires

And now has debates full of vitriol playing on TV?

Don’t forget pandemics,

BLM, and global warming to name a few,

Has any of this – had an impact on you?

Many things that happened, these are examples are just some

Reasons to have an optimistic hope, of what will happen in twenty-one


College word of the day: Pessimistic

FOWC with Fandango — Vitriol